All of our products are made with the world's first highly sustainable and environmentally friendly organic material made of Nopal cactus, also known as the prickly pear. The nopal is capable of growing on land where other crops won’t prosper. It can be used for the restoration of degraded land in many countries, and it is the only crop that can be trusted where all the others have failed. This plant by its own right is a miracle of nature.

Our materials are grown on a ranch in Mexico, and our supplier ensures that they select and cut only the mature leaves of the nopal plant without damaging the cactus itself.

The cactus species that is cultivated is native and typical of the region. It is a CAM (Crassulacean Acid Metabolism) plant, meaning that it's metabolism protects water and it doesn’t operate during daytime generating chlorophyll as most plants do.

We source from a fully organic plantation, so there is no harm to the biodiversity. Also, our supplier's natural techniques stimulate the micro-flora and micro-fauna in the ground which is maintained without damage, and wild fauna like hawks find a favorable environment with aliment.

Please note that the ranch we source from is USDA certified and fully organic, so there are no herbicides nor pesticides used. All the remaining organic cactus material not used in the process is exported and sold nationally in the food industry.

In addition to our products being made from sustainable materials, our packaging is sustainable as well. We create each product as part of a limited production run to eliminate over-production and excess inventory, resulting in a reduction of the environmental impact of Jet Set Black as a whole.

Certifications and Compliances of Our Supplier: Vegan Checked and Approved

OEKO-TEX Standard 100

Global Recycled Standard

USDA Organic


BCS Oko-Garantie

SGS ISO 9001

Awards and Recognitions of Our Supplier:

LVMH Innovation Award

Green Product Award

Material ConneXion Seal of Material Excellence

Good Design Award Gold Winner